Friday, December 16, 2005

Hey everybody sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. I am planning to change the blog a bit. I already finished my project on the history of punk rock. I will write some facts on my blog if anyone wants to read about the history of punk rock. Whats new? I am actually in a band now. We haven't come up with a name yet or started writing songs but after Christmas we are planning to start. I will post the bands website on the blog later.

Friday, November 04, 2005

History of Punk Rock

  1. Title: History of Punk Rock Music
  2. Introduction-Why I chose this topic. Why it is of interest.
  3. State of music at the time punk began
  4. Why and how it started
  5. Punk music themes
  6. Technical Aspects
  • How it sounds
  • Instruments
7. Stages of Development
  • 1st wave (initial stage) - 1970's-1980's
  • 2nd wave - 1980's- present
  • (1990's bands)
  • Present day bands
-How evolved

8. Types of Bands
  • Political
- The Unseen
- Rise Against
  • Hardcore
-From First to Last
  • Goth Punk
- My Chemical Romance

9. Description of the most influential bands
  • Sex Pistols
  • Ramones
10. The Future

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Here are some more sources for my project.
This source is a about the documentary that I am planning to see. The great Rock & Roll Swindle

"the Great Rock & Roll Swindle." wikipedia. oct. 2005. 01 Nov. 2005 .

Oh, Charles. "History of Punk Rock: Origins and Significance." essortment. 2002. 01 Nov. 2005 .

Here is an idea for my primary source.
I am thinking of watching the great rock and roll swindel or a documentary about the bands of the late 1970's. Another idea is to interview a few people about their views of the music and which band had a bigger impact in their opinion. i might change my idea but for now here is something.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Here are some websites for the project

"Punk Rock." Wikipedia. Oct. 2005. 26 Oct. 2005 .

This is a wonderful source for this topic. It goes through the entire history and also has an article about the present punk rock bands today.

"Sex Pistols." Wikipedia. Oct. 2005. 26 Oct. 2005 .

"Ramones." wikipedia. Oct. 2005. 26 Oct. 2005 .

These are the sites for the two bands that I am going to research about.

Monday, October 24, 2005

My Project
So after long hours of deciding what will my research paper be about an idea finally came.
I want to do the History of Punk Rock. I am planning to pick two bands that had a big impact and research about them. I might choose the Ramones and the Sex Pistols. I will breifly go through the history and see how the music has changed and evolved today.I will try to inclde some similarities of some of the bands from the beginning of punk rock and the ones present day. This will help me go further into seeing the roots of the music genere that I enjoy.
vans gurl 04

When you think of the OC you think of the TV show. When you think of the music comming out of the OC you think of Blink 182 and all those pop punk bands, but now a new genere of music is comming out of the OC and rocking out. Hardcore and Goth Metal are now giving a new face to this place. Some of these bands are hardcore rockers like Avenge Sevenfoldand Atreyu and Goth Metal like Bleeding Through. With their wicked guitar solos and screamo lyrics they are the bands that rebellious teens love and conservative parents hate.
One band that is making waves is Bleeding Through. Goth metal.
This band has gut busting drums, wicked guitar solos, and keyboards that mellow it a bit but also give it an eerie feel.
If you are interested here is their most recent album
Bleeding Through
This is Love. This is Murderous
It's a pretty good album.
Atreyu another of the OC bands is also pretty hardcore.
Their music is a bit less hard than Bleeding Through but they still have the scremo lyrics accompanied by vocals. Their songs are sort of occult but very creatively done.
If you are interested check out their most recent album THE CURSE.